Ali Nagi's 550rwkw F80 M3 - CADE


From Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 this car has seen all CADE packages available for the S55 platform.

We have used and abused Ali's car to test and trial multiple set ups to find a solution that we think works best for the S55 platform, Ali's car has copped over 3 years of constant on and off track abuse and has yet to have any major failures on its stock motor. 


Modifications include: 

- CADE Catless Downpipes

- CADE high flowed Intakes 

- CADE Charge cooler

- CADE Custom made charge pipes (1of1)

- 1of1 custom build high flowed turbos

-  F10 M5 Injectors 

- Port injection 

- Nostrum HPFP 

- Dual pin Crank Hub 

 Custom E85 ECU + DCT calibration on 31psi making 550rwkw.