This client approached us with an issue regarding a software update performed by the Solitaire group, which disabled the complete control over the exhaust valves on their Audi R8. This update was applied to both the Master and Slave Bosch MED17.1.1 Control units without the customers authorization. Over the past 4-6 weeks, We've engaged in CAN Sniffing and thorough research into the impact of this update, resulting in a comprehensive report of our discoveries.


  1. The car restricts full exhaust valve control unless switched to Dynamic mode. This 'Race' mode, which adjusts throttle position and traction/ABS settings, is somewhat restricted in South Australia by recent supercar regulations, being intended mostly for track usage. Currently, it's the only way to achieve partial functionality of the exhaust valves.


  1. Our capability to program via OBD has been negated due to a new security patch in the Master and Slave ECUs, apparently to prevent further modifications or reverse engineering. We managed to decode and modify the binary, regaining access to the OBD functionality for improved communication with the vehicle. The purpose behind this update in the firmware remains unclear.


  1. We discovered that firmware version FL_4T0907552A__0004 was installed on both ECUs. By installing an OBD patch unlock on the Master and Slave units, we identified adjustments in the software tables from the prior version that modify the vehicle's performance. These modifications comply with standards irrelevant to the Australian market, indicating a misguided application of a global solution not suited for vehicles in this country, likely meant for regions with stricter emissions controls.


  1. Our dyno and emissions testing confirmed that the vehicle's original firmware complies with all Australian emission standards. 


Additionally, after thorough testing, we successfully implemented bootloader modifications to the Bosch MED17.1.1 Control Unit, allowing us to flash a modified 4S0907552F_0003.FRF file into the control units. This enables full control over the exhaust valves without contravening South Australian road use laws.