Cade Tech, a name synonymous with automotive innovation, has once again pushed the boundaries of performance with their bespoke Titanium Straight-through Race Exhaust. Paired with a custom Stage 2 tune, this marriage of hardware and software promises to unleash the true power and auditory experience of your vehicle, surpassing factory limitations and reinvigorating the driving experience.

Crafted with precision and expertise, the Cade Tech Titanium Straight-through Race Exhaust is a masterpiece in exhaust system engineering. The use of high-grade titanium ensures not only a lightweight design but also a symphony at 9000RPM. This bespoke exhaust system is designed for enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled combination of performance and aesthetics.

At the heart of this upgrade is Cade Tech's commitment to precision. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers ensures a seamless installation process, paying meticulous attention to every detail. From aligning the components to fine-tuning the system, our professionals guarantee that the Cade Tech Titanium Straight-through Race Exhaust is seamlessly integrated into your vehicle.

Cade Tech doesn't just stop at hardware; they understand the symbiotic relationship between hardware and software. The custom Stage 2 tune is a carefully calibrated masterpiece, optimizing engine parameters to maximize power and torque. One notable enhancement involves allowing the throttle bodies to open fully, contrasting the factory-set 60% limitation imposed to meet emissions standards.

Cade Tech recognizes the need for enthusiasts to experience the full potential of their vehicles. By allowing the throttle bodies to open 100%, our custom Stage 2 tune unleashes a surge of power, creating an exhilarating driving experience.

The combination of the Titanium Straight-through Race Exhaust and the custom Stage 2 tune transforms the 720Hz exhaust note into the perfect mix of luxury and power. Every acceleration becomes an auditory experience, a testament to the harmonious collaboration between cutting-edge hardware and meticulously tuned software.

Cade Tech's professional installation of the bespoke Titanium Straight-Through Race Exhaust and custom Stage 2 tune is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation. Experience the true power and noise of your vehicle as Cade Tech pushes the boundaries, allowing you to break free from factory constraints and revel in the joy of unparalleled automotive performance.