A45 / CLA45 / GLA45 Performance Cold Air Intake System for MERCEDES BENZ A45 AMG W176 CLA45 C117 GLA45 X117

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- The CADE air intake upgrade features an expansive 80mm outlet, offering a remarkable 200% increase in airflow compared to the standard intake. This enhancement ensures a significant boost in engine performance.
- It is engineered to produce a robust and aggressive turbo induction sound, adding an auditory thrill to the driving experience.
- Optimally designed for high-flow scenarios, this upgrade is an excellent choice for vehicles undergoing Stage 2 tuning or those equipped with larger turbochargers, providing the necessary support for enhanced engine performance.
- The upgrade is not only compatible with CLA45 models but also seamlessly fits GLA45 models, ensuring a broad range of applicability and performance enhancement for these specific vehicle types.

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