AMG E63S W213 4.0 Race Downpipes

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Constructed from T304 High-Strength Stainless Steel, these components are also wrapped in a heat shield to minimize engine heat soak and ensure optimal performance.

Designed for effortless installation, they come in 4 pieces, allowing for a simple fit without the need to remove the transmission.

Key Features:
- Crafted from durable T304 stainless steel, tig welded and back purged for robustness and longevity.
- Engineered to match OEM fitment, complete with added heat shields for enhanced protection.
- Boasts a 3.5" diameter at the turbo end, reducing to 3" for a perfect OEM connection.
- Aids in increasing torque and horsepower, essential for stage 2 tuning calibrations.
- Improves throttle response for a more engaging driving experience.
- Decreases turbo lag, ensuring faster and smoother acceleration.
- Reduces back pressure to accommodate higher boost in demanding performance setups.

This product comes with a 3-year warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of quality.

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