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Introducing the CADE550 IS38 Hybrid Turbo for the EA888 engine, a high-performance turbocharger upgrade designed to transform your Golf/S3 into a powerhouse. This turbo is capable of safely elevating your vehicle to an impressive 310kw at the wheels.

Key Features:

1. **Pre-Set Actuators**: The actuators are pre-set, eliminating the hassle of swapping and adjusting them, making the installation process more straightforward.

2. **Larger Inlet Pipe**: Comes with a larger inlet pipe, enhancing the turbo's airflow and overall efficiency.

3. **4 Bar Map Sensor Included**: The inclusion of a 4 Bar Map Sensor ensures accurate monitoring of manifold air pressure, crucial for optimal turbo performance.

4. **2-Year Warranty**: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty, valid when installed and tuned by a CADE certified dealer.

5. **Local Stock and Support**: Benefit from the convenience of local stock availability and support for any queries or assistance.

6. **High Boost Capability**: Capable of achieving up to 1.9bar of boost, this turbocharger is designed for high-performance scenarios.

7. **Warranty with Data Log Submission**: The warranty is extended for two years, conditional upon the submission of data logs from the tuner to the CADE team.

Priced at $2750, the CADE550 IS38 Hybrid Turbo is an excellent investment for those seeking to significantly enhance the performance of their Golf or S3, ensuring both power and reliability.

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